Face Reading, Dating and Relationships

How to Read Faces

Face reading is an intriguing ability for insight into others, yet how do you do it? You first need to understand it is a skill that needs to be learnt, to start with look at faces and notice what is the norm for a face, as face reading relies on identifying exaggerated, small or different features.

Steps to Face Reading:

  1. Think of a well balance face, what you would consider the norm.
    Don’t expect to have this perfect at the beginning, as you learn you will refine this.
  2. Now consider the face you want to read and compare with the norm.
    You will find yourself staring to begin with, but learn to take quick or casual gazes as not to make your subject uncomfortable or suspicion.
  3. Identify features that are not the norm
    • Exaggerated features:
      The more exaggerated the feature, the greater the intensity of the subjects personality for that area of the face will be.

For Example:
Large bottom lip means someone who loves to give, the bigger the lower lip would mean the more they love to give. Buying an ice cream on a hot summer day, ask the person with the largest lower lip.

  • Small features:
    Facial features that are small in comparison to what you would expect the norm to be in most cases is related to sensitivity.

For Example:
Those with a small chin are sensitive to criticism. Criticize someone with a small chin and you may find they will start hating you, so try being more nurturing than usual with such people.

  • As you identify the above compare to the readings for each facial feature.
    See below for Facial Feature Readings.

Facial Feature Readings

The following are some facial features that can be read: