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Love Expressions

Love Expressions: The 5 Loving Types - Kindle VersionAre you always having arguments, disagreeing with your partner and left frustrated and feel you are not understood. Well there is a reason, find out more about Love Expressions in the Kindle Edition of Love Expressions: The 5 Loving Types You Need To Know.
What is a Love Expression? This is how someone shows their love and appreciation for another and also likes to receive it. Everyone expresses their love in different ways; even so there are a distinct number of Love Expressions that have been identified. Most people will have 1 or even 2 very distinct love expressions from the others, this doesn’t mean they doesn’t use all the Love Expressions, it means there are ones that are more prominent in their personality.
Identifying your Love Expression is a great way to enhance your relationship, as Love Expression Miss Match can make you feel unloved in a relationship. This will help with other relationships beside just with your partner, as with friendships knowing your Love Expression will help you identify any upsets you may have.

The Love Expressions

  • Attention
    You love it when someone is focused on being there with you and you love creating those special times where you give your full undivided attention to someone. Your world collapses around you when these special times are cancelled or forgotten.

  • Closeness
    Love to be close to someone, hugs and casual touching gives you a connection with someone or just makes you feel good. Not being able to be close, makes you depressed and yearning for that closeness.

  • Compliments
    You put a lot of emotion into the words you say and take on a lot of what you hear; you are in heaven when given a compliment and in the dumps when insulted?

  • Service
    Love doing something for your other half or others, can be as simple as doing the dishes. Hate doing tasks when not getting any help, but love it when someone gives a hand or does it for you.

  • Thoughtfulness
    Love hunting for that special gift, writing a note for your partner to find and special gestures just for them and love receiving the same back. You are brought down my missed or non-personal gifts and even by your partner not waving goodbye or not giving similar gestures.

Love Expression Miss Match

Ever been in a relationship where you continually express your love, yet your partner seems oblivious to this or you feel your partner doesn’t show you any love? If the answer is yes, then you may have a Love Expression miss match.
As an example, if two people, one with a Love Expression of ‘Closeness’ and the other ‘Service’ are in a relationship; one showing their love with being close, hugging, cuddling and the other doing things for them such as the dishes and washing; both of these people may be missing each other Expressions of Love.
The way we express Love is also how we look for Love from our partner, so knowing another’s Love Expressions allows us to know:

  • Know how to express Love so your Partner feels it the most
  • Know how your partner expresses Love so you know when they are, and also if they know yours, you know when they go the extra mile to ensure you feel loved

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