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Crazy Things People Do For Love

Crazy Things People Do For Love When we fall in love, we experience surges of hormones through our bodies that lead us to experience intense emotions that are like nothing we have ever felt before. These emotions can be incredibly enjoyable, but the happiness and determination they bring can also lead to people doing crazy things for love.

Crazy Physical Changes

When we fall in love, we often find that we are desperate to improve ourselves so that we can keep the person we are falling for. When this happens, both men and women tend to embark on crazy physical changes that they would not otherwise make if they were not in love. As far as women are concerned, this may include Brazilian waxes, endless spin classes, and stomach churning diets. For men, this can include endless squat sessions and closer attention to general grooming. Some individuals may go as far as having their loved one's name tattooed on their body, an everlasting piece of physical memorabilia that will hopefully never have to be removed.

Going the Distance

Even those who do not like to head out of a six mile radius find themselves going the extra mile when they are in love. As far as crazy actions are concerned, lovers find themselves moving to different countries for the sake of the one they love. While this always seems like a good idea in theory, in practice the big changes that come with it do not always work out. Going the distance is great as a compromise, but is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not unheard of for lovers to leave their jobs, home, and other responsibilities just to be close to the person they are in love with. However, when it does work, moving hundreds of miles to be with the one you love can be an amazingly romantic story to tell the grandchildren at a later date.

Great Adventures

Although we may be human, we are still members of the animal kingdom. Like all animals, humans are known for pulling crazy stunts when it comes to impressing the person they want to fall in love with them. From sky diving to white water rapids, both men and women have pushed themselves to the limit just to prove to the person they love that they can be as exciting as they are. This often happens when you fall in love with somebody who is a bit adventurous, and worry that they will not be interested in you. Fortunately, love will happen regardless of whether you mirror the other person's dedication to adventure; if it does not, it was probably not meant to happen anyway.

Doing something crazy for love can be terribly romantic. It is a sure sign that you care deeply about somebody, or that they care deeply about you. When doing something crazy on the course of love make sure you stay safe and true to yourself. A crazy expression of devotion is fun and games when nobody gets hurt, but it is always important to stay within your comfort zone.

By Laura M. Posted on February 25th, 2013.

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