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Dating Like Its The End Of The World

Dating Like Its The End Of The World I'm sure we all know one or two men who date different women at a time. It seems like they are racing with time going on dates too often than the average male. Who knows? They may have believed the End-of-the-World predictions for December 2012, and they are trying to date as many girls as they can before the Apocalypse.

You never see these guys with the same girl in every occasion. He is the eligible bachelor that the brides maids at every wedding would love to meet. I'm sure this sort of guy reminds you of the character, Bruce Wayne from Batman. This handsome playboy is known to break hearts wherever he goes. Every sensible girl knows that. Still, women fall in line to go on a date with a man like this. Probably it is because he seems to have that deep, dark secret that prevents him from committing to one woman...or they like the no-strings-attached idea.

Either way, a smart girl would know that she will end up swimming in circles if she goes on a date with a guy like this. And women who are silly enough to fall in love with this guy would end up cursing at the wind and pray for the sky to start falling on the next girl who would go out with him.

The Little Black Book

These guys who go on dating like it's the end of the world are usually vain and arrogant. They keep the ever famous little black book of women's phone numbers. Many men have tried to complete the alphabet and go on a date for the sake of the girl's name. This little black book is the one place a playboy would look when a date has stood him up. There is always those few entries in his directory who would love to go out with him even on short notice. This little black book is like his trophy that he can boast about when he is with his friends.

Boys who Kiss and Tell

Girls also have to be careful when going out with a guy who has a playboy reputation. Not every guy is a gentleman. Well, actually I'm not sure if gentlemen still do exist in this world. Many boys may seem sweet and harmless when they are with a girl. But when they are with their posse, he becomes himself again and relaxes. When the boys are alone, they love to talk...sometimes even more than the girls. Boys usually tease each other as they talk about their previous dates. The nature of their macho ego is to boast of their dates and how far they have gone with them sexually. It may seem inappropriate for men to talk about the intimate moments of a date with his buddies, but this happens a lot. Whether it be in the locker room, at the bowling alley or during boy's night playing poker, women they have dated will always be their favourite topic. Some boys are respectful and would not give any details about their dates. But the typical chauvinistic playboy would not think twice to kiss and tell. And when this happens, the girl can't help but feel like her world has just stopped turning.

"The World Ends Tomorrow" Manner of Thinking

Playboys are dating like the end of the world is coming. The good boys are doing the very same thing....but on a different point of view. When the good boys are on a date, they make every second count. They ensure that every moment they spend with their date is special and memorable. It is living in the moment as if the world ceases to turn tomorrow. This guy would hold your hand, kiss your cheek and take time to cuddle you as you talk the night away. And even if tomorrow may be the very moment you are with him, you know you are special to him.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on December 6th, 2012.

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