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Dating Mistakes Young People Do

Dating Mistakes Young People Do We all know the saying "Practice makes perfect." Well this goes the same way with the dating game. If you are young and new to dating, you will be prone to a lot of trial and error. And when the time comes that you are all matured and experienced enough in terms of dating you would look back at your past dating experiences and you will find yourself saying..."Why the heck did I do that?" Here are some dating mistakes you may have done or probably still doing today.

It's Not Cheating

If you are committed to someone and yet you think kissing random people at the bar isn't cheating then you've got it wrong. Always think about how your partner would feel if he or she sees you doing the act. If you are with someone, you don't go kissing other people just for the fun of it. Unless it is one of your weird agreements between you and your partner that it's okay, I suggest you don't.


Many young people are either the jealous type, needy, demanding or clingy. Being one of these or all of the mentioned puts too much pressure on a relationship and just ruins everything for everybody. Yes you can be jealous and you may have your needs, but there is always a chance you may take it a bit too far. You may think this is showing just how much you love and care for your partner but it is actually scaring or driving him or her away.

The Weeper

It's one thing to get sad and depressed after a break up, but to mope and whine whenever a date doesn't work out is so juvenile. Dates and even relationships don't come out perfect all the time. Bad things happen all the time. Remember the bumper sticker from the movie Forest Gump? "Sh#%*t Happens" so get over it. There are more fish in the sea right?

Believing First Impression

Everyone knows the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." But young daters easily reject people just because they didn't like how a person looked or they weren't impressed on their first meeting. It doesn't always happen the way it does in the movies. Who know? That geek you are dating may just be a Superman hiding behind those glasses. Always give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Fear Factor

Many young daters are also afraid of many things. They are afraid to fall in love. They are afraid of commitment. They are afraid of failure. Because of this fear factor there are many things they miss out on because they don't even take the risk and try. They even hide their true self and pretend to be someone else just to please their date. If only you followed the saying "Be yourself." Then maybe they were taken more seriously by your date.

Be Bold

Mature daters know what they want and don't want. If you do not stand up for yourself, people would walk all over you. Speak up and tell your date what you are looking for. Stop beating around the bush. There is no point in wasting your time. You can always walk out if things don't go the way you want them to. And of course, you can tell your date if you are actually having a great time.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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