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Dating Troubles of the Brainy Girl

Dating a Divorced Guy The line "Blondes have more fun" relate to the idea that girls with lighter hair color are a bit less smarter than their dark haired counterparts. Well some people call it the "Dumb blonde" impression.This also states that men seem to prefer dumb women over the smart ones. You may be wondering why...or not. I'm sure you are familiar with this story and have a friend or two who is middle aged and is still single. She wonders why but we all know it's because she is a sbit too brainy for the boys.

Smart women intimidate

The smart ones can smell a phoney a mile away. They are not into the courtship scenario where men are at their best and try to hide their flaws. The not so smart women are easier to woo and convince than smart women. The fact that smart women cannot be easily fooled intimidates men and so they dare not even try making a move. They go the easier path where their courtship tactics would have more possible result. Because of that all the action and attention go to the not so smart ladies.

Power Struggle

Most brainy women are bound to be successful at a very young age. Most of the time they are more successful than the men their age. Again the intimidation happens and men feel unworthy of her, or she feels no one is worthy of her. Men like being seen as the dominant one in a relationship. With a successful and brainy woman, that somehow crushes their ego.

The Bore talk

Brainy women have a different way of seeing things and a different way of talking about things. When a woman talks more of things on National Geographic on a date, it bores the man to death. On the other hand, when a man is on a lower level of IQ than his date, the brainy chick he is dating may find him shallow and a bore as well.

Sense of humor difference

Just like in children, sense of humor changes as they grow older. A toddler likes some slap stick comedy. a kid likes silly jokes. A teenager likes love jokes while an adult may enjoy jokes with a bit of naughtiness. The brainy girl likes witty sarcasm like the one on the TV show "House". Most of the time she doesn't get the jokes of her date. A guy loves it when his date laughs at his jokes.

High standards

Smart women have certain criteria or standards for a man to pass as her date. Since she puts her mind over her heart most of the time, she ends up passing up a lot of chances to date people because she already assumes that the guy would disappoint her. She has a good sense of character analysis and can predict the success of a date even before it happens. She has a list of traits and qualifications for a man to fit as her date. She doesn't take the risk of falling for someone who does not meet those requirements. In the process, she loses a lot of chances to love.

Ideal date

Dear Brainy Girl, remember that no one is perfect. Some guys may be more than your first impression of them...or you may be right and get disappointed. But the point is, you will never get a chance with love if you don't give it a try. What have you got to lose? Life is short and it gets wasted by fear of failure. Go out and meet different kinds of people. No mathematical or scientific equation can fully say who you are meant to love and be with forever.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on February 5th, 2013.

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