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Fight Triggers

Fight Triggers It is normal for couples to fight sometimes. Misunderstandings can be healthy. it helps you to discover your differences and be able to get to know each other better as time goes by. But when the fighting gets to be constant and redundant then this can really hurt your relationship. Actually, there is a smart way to avoid fights. You should look out for what triggers the fight and avoid them at all cost.


The number one reason for fighting is usually out of jealousy. It is normal to feel jealous. It means that you love the person and you are afraid to lose him or her to someone else. But when you let your jealousy get out of hand, you can become irrational and unreasonable You tend to be the one starting fights and this can make some serious trust issues that can ruin your relationship. Be honest to your partner about how you feel. You do not need to attack all the time. simply tell hin or her how you feel in a diplomatic way. If you do this right, Im sure your partner will avoid things that make you jealous. On the other hand, if it is your partner who is the jealous kind, then make the effort to avoid the cause of the jealousy. Assure each other of your love and loyalty. Trust each other, because that is essential to make a relationahip last.

Career Envy

It happens too that unconsciously one can be envious of his or her partner's career success. Pride can take over a person, especially if your partner makes you feel inferior because he or she seems to be better at everything. Just remember that if you really love a person, you have to be happy for whatever success he or she gains. And sometimes it may come to a point when you have to make a choice between career and the person you love. Weigh your priorities and decide which one of the two you can afford to lose.


The saying "No money, no honey" was intended as a joke, but come to think of it, money plays a vital role in any relationship. Many arguments, especially between married couples, are usually about money. Well, no matter what the problem is about, it all boils down to communication and proper budget management. Just remember, its just money. You can work and earn more anytime. But finding someone to love and love you back is not that easy.


Acceptance is important too. Accept your partner for who he or she is. There will definitely be differences between you, but if both of you will be understanding and supportive of each other then you can avoid getting into fights.

Time together

Lastly, not having time for the one you love can cause suspicion and frustration to your partner. Make time to be alone and spend romantic moments with your love. Never be too busy for love.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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