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First Date with the Guy You Like

First Date with the Guy You Like You are that one simple, ordinary girl-next-door who dreams of the perfect date one can ever have in a lifetime. And then there's this guy -- good looking, charming and sweet -- who surprisingly asks you out on a date. Yes, a DATE.

You are happy. You are excited. And you want that date to be just perfect. No more, no less -- just perfect. But, what should you do? Here's a piece of advice from a girl just like you.

We're hours away! (Preparing for THE Date)

This is very exciting for you. So, you prepare for that event in your life. And by preparing, I mean you have to go shopping and do some closet item-searching.

OUTFIT. You don't need to have shining, shimmering or super luxurious outfits just for a date. All you have to bear in mind is for you to be yourself. Choose an outfit that you are most comfortable in. Also, it's important to note the place you will be going. You can ask your date ahead of time where you two are heading for. If it's going to be a romantic dinner in an exquisite restaurant, then it's best to wear a lovely dress that goes with the class of the restaurant. On the other hand, if it'll be a simple picnic at the park, then a casual jumpsuit or shorts can liven up the event.

SHOES. The pair of shoes you will be wearing is one thing your date will likely look at. Thus, you should choose your shoes carefully. As what I've said with the outfit, you shouldn't really oblige yourself to wear the super high-heeled pair with flashy designs. A simple pair of shoes which is, again, comfortable for you, is always best. Just make sure it's clean and not worn out in any way.

MAKE-UP. We've come to the most crucial part of the preparation. Your face make-up actually really matters, especially as this will contribute a lot to your date's impression about you. One tip though: Do not overdo it. Light make-up is enough. Just make sure the shade of your foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and blush matches your skin tone. It is also advisable to bring the lipstick with you so that you can do a retouch if your lip color gets wiped out after dinner or at any time during your date.

He's outside waiting for you!

Well, this is it. So you've already prepared yourself with everything you needed to do, to wear, and to bring. Now, you should come out of the room with grace. If you're that lucky girl who is fetched by her date at her house, then you should never forget to greet him as soon as you see him. But if it's just a meet-up, then be at your meeting place on time. That way, you can stay calm as you wouldn't need to rush (which might actually lead to destroying the poise you intended to maintain).

During the date, you shouldn't be too pressured to impress him. Just be yourself. In that way, you will enjoy the time you spend together. And, dates serve the purpose of knowing each other more. So pretending to be someone you're not doesn't have any place at a time like this. Enjoy your date!

By Jo Ann Garces. Posted on August 6th 2012.

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