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Fun Ideas for a Halloween Date

Fun Ideas for a Halloween Date Halloween is usually considered for kids only, but recently many restaurants and bars have caught on the idea of the Halloween concept, and have invited a lot of lovers to spend this scary night into a sexy date to remember. Here are some ideas to spice up a Halloween date.


Choosing a venue for your Halloween date would depend on the things that you and your partner enjoy. If you like partying, you can choose a disco holding a Halloween bash. If you are the adventurous type, you can go on one of those ghost hunting events where couples get to cuddle in the dark as you both walk through a haunted house. If you are the sporty type, I have seen some Zombie fun run events that you can join. If you choose to be alone, camping by the beach and telling ghost stories by a bon fire might be your type of date for this Halloween. If you are the type who loves to dress up, a cosplay event would be fun too! Whatever venue you choose, make sure that you both like it and it would be more fun than scary for either of you.


The fun thing about Halloween is that you get to dress up and be whatever you like. Costumes are not limited to scary characters anymore. The girls can dress up like a princess, or a fairy and the boys can be Tarzan or even Superman. Just remember that you are dressing up for a date and not to go trick or treating so you have the option to choose what makes you look appealing to your date. For the girls, avoid bulky, funny costumes and go for the simpler and sexier characters like a super hero or a vampire temptress perhaps? Just keep in mind, if you are going to a Halloween party, imagine how the other women might dress up like. You wouldn't want to be the silly lady dressed as Mrs Pots beside Cat woman, now would you?

Vampire Movie themes are also a good costume idea. Why not dress up as a sexy vampire? It would be fun to dress up as Bella (for the girl) and Edward or Jacob (whichever the boy feels he looks more alike) of the Twilight saga. If you have more budget, you could go for Lestat of "Interview with a Vampire" Why vampires? Well, for one thing, they are known to be young, sexy and beautiful. They can hypnotize and make you do whatever they command. Some literature say they are good kissers and will make you go and say "I want some more..." Ha ha. If your date is game, it would be fun to pretend you are vampires for a day.

Dressing up as you favourite movie stars can also add spice to your Halloween date. Imagine going on a date with someone who looks like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, or Brad Pitt in Troy. Or a guy going out on a date with the sexy Poison Ivy (from Batman), Wonder woman or with an Uma Thurman look-a-like in Kill Bill.


Yes it may be a Halloween date, but do not focus on the spooky aspect of the celebration. Remember it is a date, so do not forget that it has to be romantic and sweet. Since you both are most likely too old to go trick or treating, why not share a box of special Halloween chocolates. Cute trick gifts could also bring laughter to your day. Just make sure you do not go too far and end up with a fight with your love.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on October 24th, 2012.

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