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He wants to Kiss Me

He wants to Kiss Me but we're not Dating

If you have ever been in a position where you are with a guy and start to feel a certain vibe, you might wonder: does he want to kiss me? Hanging out with somebody you like might invoke certain feelings, and if you like that person too, you might want to kiss them back. Guys are not always straight forward, however, so you might be questioning what is going on.

Signs He Wants To Kiss You

The following tips have compiled to get to the bottom of whether he wants to kiss you, but you're not dating.

  1. He touches you regularly
    When a man likes you, he is going to be very tactile, and this could mean he is finding any excuse to touch you. This could involve holding onto you protectively as he steers you through a crowd of people, tickling you or accidentally-on-purpose brushing against you. While this might seem pretty innocent, there is usually more to it than meets the eye.

  2. He sits close to you
    When there are lots of places to sit, he chooses to sit as close to you as possible - why do you think this could be? It's a big sign that he wants to kiss you when he is so close that his arms and legs are pressed against yours, and he does not attempt to move them away.

  3. He lingers around
    When you are saying goodbye to each other and perhaps hug, he seems like he doesn't want to leave. Lingering around is a sign that he doesn't know what to do next. He's feeling awkward and hesitant because he wants to kiss you but doesn't know how you will respond.

  4. He mirrors you
    When you are into somebody, you automatically mirror their body movements - pay attention to this next time you are together. If you stand a certain way, run your fingers through your hair or anything else, he is likely to do the same thing, and there is usually very romantic reasoning behind it.

  5. He flirts with you
    While some guys are naturally flirty, if he is extremely flirty with you, this is a big sign that he wants to kiss you. Flirting could involve teasing you, complimenting you, prolonged conversation, opening up to you and more. If he's flirting and you are attracted to him, you need to read the signs and be returning the favor!

  6. He makes prolonged eye contact
    When people are attracted to somebody, they make eye contact and sometimes a bit more that is necessary. If he holds eye contact and can't help but staring deeply into your eyes, this is a big sign that he is interested and wants to kiss you.

  7. There is sexual tension in the air
    Sexual tension is hard to explain, but you know if it is there between you and the one that you are interested in. Are there pauses in the conversation that is a little awkward where you just stare at each other? This is sexual tension and the only reason for this would be an attraction on both sides.

  8. He plays music
    If he puts music on whenever you are near, especially if they are romantic songs, this is a big indicator that he wants to kiss you. If he turns on the radio when you are nearby and puts on songs that you like, this could be a subtle way of him hinting that he is into you.

  9. He acts nervous
    The majority of people are naturally nervous around people they like and want to kiss. If you get this vibe from him, it could mean that he romantically sees you. Take a look at how he acts when he is around other people, and if this changes when you are around, the likelihood is that he wants to take things further.

  10. He makes some sort of move
    Guys think they are so subtle, when in fact the way that they behave says a lot about how they are feeling. After some time of knowing he wants to kiss you, he is going to try and make some kind of move to portray his feelings. This might involve "yawning" and putting his arm around you or asking you to kiss him to make another girl jealous, when in fact, you are the one he wants.

  11. He does not move away from you
    You will get to the stage where you just want to do something to make something happen. When you are sat together, try moving closer to him. Linger your eyes on his....if when you invade his personal space like that, he doesn't make any attempt to move away - this is an excellent sign.

  12. He moves closer
    In addition to not moving away when you practice the previous step, he might even start to move closer. He is getting as close as possible because he wants to kiss you. If he seems too nervous to make his move, why not initiate the kiss yourself? Men love it when women take control.

  13. He looks at your lips
    An undeniable sign that a person wants to kiss you is if they keep glancing at your lips. He is planning his next move, and this is a gesture he won't be able to control. Think about the times you have been with a person you fancy and have wanted to kiss, you've probably found yourself looking at their lips too as you wait for the perfect opportunity.

  14. He puts on chapstick/chews gum
    Nobody wants to kiss anybody with dry lips and who have stinky breath. By applying chapstick or popping a piece of gum in his mouth, he's getting ready to kiss you, and this is a significant indicator that it is going to happen soon.

  15. He tells you
    If he is the kind of man who is straight to the point, he might just straight up tell you that he wants to kiss you, or he might even ask permission. These guys are the best because there are no playing games and you know exactly where you stand.

Kissing a Man

Other kissing questions explored

Now that we've covered how to know if he wants to kiss you, there might be lots of other kissing questions that you have. Below you can find kiss and dating-related questions/answers which might be helpful.

If a guy's trying to kiss me, does it mean he likes me?

If a guy tries to kiss you, he likes you, although that could be in several different ways. He might be kissing you because he just wants some no-strings-attached fun or might be kissing you because he is interested in dating. It is difficult to know what he sees in your future, but if he's putting his lips on yours, he likes you on some level.

He says he wants to kiss me but hasn't done it?

If a guy has told you that he wants to kiss you, but he hasn't done it yet, there are a couple of different reasons for this. He could have told you he wants to kiss you but doesn't because he isn't interested but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. The more likely reason why he hasn't kissed you yet is that he is too shy. Perhaps he doesn't have much experience with girls and doesn't think he will be very good at it. If you think this could be the case, take the initiative and move in for a smooch.

Should I kiss with or without a tongue?

If it is your first kiss with a man, you might not be sure whether to use the tongue or not. It does entirely depend on the vibe, the situation, and so on. As a rule of thumb, let him lead the kiss and just mimic his technique. If you are feeling extra cheeky and you think he will enjoy it, you can use a gentle bit of tongue in your kiss.

The different types of male kissers

Different guys kiss in different ways, and the WAY that he kisses can say a lot about how he sees you and what he wants. You can find out more about the type of male kissers below and what they could mean.

The conservative kisser

If he's shy, he might very well be this kind of kisser - especially when you are still getting to know each other. He might kiss you on the forehead or the cheek instead of going for the lips. This type of kiss might be sweet at first, but it gets boring after a while, so show him how you like it. Some men want to start slow when they want something special, or maybe he is religious, and this is why he is acting so conservative about the situation.

The kisser who won't open his mouth

You might run into a guy who likes to kiss by pouting his lips and smacking them against yours. It' almost impossible to get his mouth open and there could be a few reasons why he's kissing this way. He might not see you sexually or perhaps he just doesn't have much experience and is afraid of getting it wrong.

The romantic kisser

If he is a romantic kind of guy or your kiss has been a long-time coming, he might make a big show and dance of the situation. This involves staring deep into your eyes before he kisses you before cupping your face and going in for the kill. This is very dramatic, and while it can be cute at first, it gets pretty annoying if he does it every time he kisses you.

The wet kisser

This guy has a whole lot of saliva in his mouth and is intent on sharing it with you. A kiss with too much saliva is pretty bad, and if he always kisses this way, you might want to talk to him about what's going on or maybe end things if this is a deal-breaker for you.

The awkward kisser

This guy likes you, but his kissing technique is just super awkward. He doesn't know what to do with his hands, he leans the same side as you, and he might even bump teeth with yours. Take control if you run into this kind of kisser, there is potential for him to improve enormously, and he just needs some gentle guidance.

The overenthusiastic kisser

If he is this type of kisser, it means that he is using a little too much tongue. He's exploring your mouth from every angle but not putting very much feeling into the kiss. Kissing should be all about passion, so this technique isn't ideal, especially if you like this guy. Don't give up, however, because this is very likely just down to nerves on his side.

The good kisser

You might get lucky enough to end up with a guy who is amazing at kissing. He holds you just right as he's kissing you, he uses just the right amount of tongue, his breath is good, and he puts a whole lot passion into it. You are not going to want to let this type of kisser go, and the likelihood is that he is going at other things too.


Hopefully, you should now know a little more about kissing, and the question of how do I know if he wants to kiss me has been answered. There are many signs that you can look for and the only way to know for sure if that is what he wants is to kiss him first. What you should keep in mind is that kissing should be FUN. It's a way for you to express your feelings for each other, so just relax and see where your kisses lead.

By Sandra Fisher on 15 February 2020

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