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How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You Again

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You Again Whether you are the one who chose to break up with your ex, or it was the other way around, the feelings that come with wanting them back can be quite frustrating. While there are no guarantees in this life, there is a possibility that you can use the psychology of love to make them fall for you again. By taking a carefully structured approach, you may find yourself celebrating your love once more.

Let Them Know you Can Meet Their Needs

One of the main reasons we fall in love with each other is because we believe that the other person meets our needs in some way. Whether that is comfort, somebody to listen to, or somebody who shares the same interests, having those needs met is a solid foundation for a loving relationship. It is often the case that your ex will have fallen in love with you because you shared similar interests, which means you should play on that. Consider whether you were both passionate about a particular cause, loved a certain hobby, or shared any other form of interest. Once you think you know what that thing is, try to initiate a conversation with them about it. Doing that will help him remember why he loved you in the first place, and may lead to you rekindling your relationship.

Making an Effort to Re-Attract Them

There is definitely such a thing as trying too hard, but if you make a conscious effort to win somebody back you stand a stronger chance of them falling in love with you again. Everybody wants to feel wanted, and your ex is no different. You do not have to go over the top, but paying him compliments that subconsciously let them know you want them. For example, saying something along the lines of 'You are really funny, you make me laugh so much' is a great way to let them know that you want them. This will make them feel flattered, and will in turn increase the likelihood that they want to be with you.

Enter Their Thoughts

Telekinesis may be impossible, but there are ways you can enter someone's thoughts in the absence of magic. Send a text or a Facebook message every so often to let them know that you are there, and make them think of you. If the thought of doing this makes you nervous, you can try sneaky tactics like updating your Facebook status when you know they are online. If you share mutual friends, doing this will be easier. You can convince the people you both spend time with to bring you up in conversation, causing your ex to think of you as a result.

When making an effort to get a guy to fall in love with you again, try not to go overboard. Subtle is the key to success, while appearing too keen may drive him away. By being patient and taking your time, you stand a stronger chance of winning back your ex's heart so that you can fall in love again.

By Laura M. Posted on February 25th, 2013.

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