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I Am Glad I Got Dumped

I Am Glad I Got Dumped Nobody ever wants to get dumped. People fear rejection especially from someone they like or love. We all want our relationships to work and last for a long time. We work hard to keep the love alive. Although it is inevitable that relationships may fail, and people are prone to falling out of love eventually, we still don't like the idea of being the over left behind by our partners. It's like an insult and makes you feel that it's your fault that the relationship failed. Still there are a rare few people who learned that being dumped might have just been the best thing that ever happened to them.

Dead End Relationships

Even if two people are madly in love respect and trust for each other are lost, neither of them will be happy being with the other. These are what I call dead-end relationships. People in this kind of relationship feel trapped by the love they feel for the person who constantly disappoints and hurts them. In the process they fight a lot and hurt each other for all the days that they are together. One day one of them will get fed up and leave. A separation between people who are still in love gives them time to assess their relationship. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Time apart is healthy for a relationship because you will never really know how much you care for someone until you've lost him or her. The moment the one you love walks out the door, it makes you realize the things you've taken for granted and the things you've done wrong. One day you will realize that you cannot live without the person you love and finally do something about it. When they get back together, they will be thankful for their brief separation that will surely make their relationship stronger. As the saying goes, love is lovelier the second time around.

Falling Out Of Love

There are times when the man or the woman in a relationship feel that they no longer love their partner but do not wish to hurt him or her. They carry on with the relationship even if they would rather be with someone else. This is unfair for both parties. If the relationship isn't going anywhere, it is best to end it sooner before things get out of hand. Someone will get hurt for sure. But one day the one you dumped will thank you when the right one for them comes.

Not Meant to Be

There are also couples that realize that their differences are too many. These may be relationships that started off as passionate and aggressive. Young and immature people always fall into this kind of relationship. They let their heart rule their actions. In the process, they oversee the little details that may be crucial to the success of the relationship. Some people may outgrow their partners and change. Some people too do not like change. They want things to go on the same way they were before. This makes them both unhappy being in the relationship. If they were smart people, they would finally realize they are not meant for each other and part ways as friends. But if they let it linger one of them would surely dump the other. Still it is a good thing because they will realize that they can find happiness with someone else.

Free At Last!

Lastly, there are people who realize that the person they are with is selfish and abusive. No matter how much you love someone, it is never enough if the person does not show that they love you back. One day you will realize that you cannot go on being belittled and unappreciated. Or it is not likely that the your abusive partner would leave you for a younger man or woman. You may feel like a martyr or a victim at first, but one day you will make up and realize that you deserve better and that you are free at last!

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on February 25th, 2013.

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