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Its Never Too Late For Love

Is it too late?

It has long been a misconception to think that love has passed you by, if you are still single by the time you reach your forties and beyond. People will point fingers and start throwing judgement at people who seek love at the age when they are expected to have settled down. It is a cruel world. The criticisms are bad enough to hurt your confidence. But worse, to be alone and loveless during the time your metabolism begins to slow down and your body begins to show the signs of aging makes it's seem even more hopeless to ever find love again.

The Ridicule

Its Never Too Late For Love If you are a guy who begins dating a younger woman, you will be accused of being a "Dirty old man" or a "Sugar Daddy." Some call it the mid-life crisis. On the other hand, if you are a woman dating a younger man, people may call you a "Demi Moore" or worse a "Cher" comparing you to the two women in Hollywood who like dating much younger men. And of course, there will always be the embarrassing moments you will be mistaken for your date's mom or dad. Moments like this can really bring a person's self esteem to am all time low. I guess the best way to cope with this kind of ridicule is to expect it before it happens. Its human nature and all you have to say is "Who cares? As long as I am happy and I am not doing anything wrong. It's none of their business." Look on the bright side, all this ridicule just might be because they envy you and your young hot date.

Love is Timeless

Don't lose hope. Love is beyond the physical. It happens regardless of time, place or age. But of course, you shouldn't just sit there and wait for it to happen. Who knows? All this time that you thought love has eluded you, it was you who has been avoiding and hiding from love. We are the masters of our fate. If you don't like the way things are going in your life now, you can always choose to change it. If you are having a hard time making any change for yourself, you can always seek help.

Love Yourself First

People who have waited too long for love to happen may have several reasons for doing so. It's either you set your love life aside to take on a responsibility for the family, for a career or for a civic duty. Whatever the reason was, you may now realize that you have wasted too much time and this makes it hard for you to get back on the dating game. Don't go on panic mode and start dating anyone who is available. Take time to imagine what you really want and why you want it. Are you looking for a long term relationship or are you just lonely and need physical companionship? Since you are more mature, you have to be more responsible with your choices. Before you get to know someone else, you have to get to know yourself more and love the person you are. Start loosening up and do something that you enjoy. Give yourself some simple pleasures and take yourself on a "Me Party." This will give you time to unwind and find yourself without the pressures of work or demands of your everyday responsibilities. This will make you realize what you really want.

Looking for Love

When you are middle aged or much older, you can't simply go to a bar and expect to meet someone there. You may easily get intimidated by the younger single people who frequent the place. Although this works for some, not many are successful in doing so. There are more age appropriate venues and activities that you can go to. Some even start looking into online dating sites. In this modern age, the social opportunities are endless. You can go to concerts, sporting events, corporate events or simply take a stroll in the mall. No one can really tell where and when anyone can find love. But if you put yourself out there, if you're just might find you.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on January 2nd, 2013.

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