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Love And Family Ties

Love And Family Ties Once you commit and choose to spend a lifetime with someone, you also choose to accept and love everything about that person. All the good traits and not so good traits come in the same package that you have decided to spend a lifetime with. To add to this, your world together does not just include you and your love. It also includes your family and your partner's family. It is important that you establish a good relationship with them too. You cannot avoid meeting and spending time with them during special occassions and family gatherings so try your best to be on the good side of everybody.

Love the love

The relatives, especially those who are close to your partner are a big part of your life now. Your sweetheart loves them too so you should learn to love them as family. If you marry or are married his or her parents are you second parents as well. His or her siblings are your siblings too. Love his or her parents as a true son or daughter and your sweetheart will love and appreciate you more. Because of your efforts to fit in their family, they will not feel like they are losing a son or daughter but instead they would be more than happy to welcome you as a new member of the family.


It all sounds so easy to say love your partner's parents and family. But as it is portrayed in the movies like "Meet the Parents" and "Father of the Bride" it takes some getting used to to really get along. A lot of patience, temperance and understanding is needed to achieve a harmonious relationship. Just like when you started dating your partner, it took some time for you to figure out your sweetheart's personality. You also have to give time to get to know everyone in the family and figure out how to get along or if not simply co-exist with them.


There are times you may feel that you need to prove yourself all the time just to fit in with your partner's family. At first they may think you are not good enough but that is only because they don't know you yet. It goes the same way with you and the way you think about them In time they may learn to like you or maybe not. But in the process you all learn to accept each other's traits and also the fact that you and their child are in love.

Family Support

Some couples find it hard to cope with some of their family members and choose to live far away from them as possible. Some family members can be nosey and like medling in other people's lives. But having family and friends nearby can be good for your relationship at times of trouble. They can be the ones you or your partner run to for advice or support. They can mediate or act as a marriage counselor when communication becomes a problem in your relationship. These people love you both and are willing to help you work things out and would do anything to keep you two together.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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