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Matt Greve's Golden Olympic Proposal

Matt Greve's Golden Olympic Proposal Every guy wants their marriage proposal to be unique and special. It is a moment that every couple would like look back to and cherish forever. Timing is everything, and 26 year old Olympic swimmer Matt Grever knew this and his marriage proposal was definitely unique.

It was February in the London Olympics 2012 and Matt just won the 100-meter backstroke gold medal at the Missuori Grand Prix. His long time girl friend and team mate, Annie Chandler was given the task to award him his medal. She was about to leave the stage when she was requested to go up to him for a photo-op. She thought that it was just another typical awarding ceremony and tried not to steal the moment from her boyfriend by silently standing by him with a smile. But Matt made her feel like the most important woman alive when he suddenly went down on one knee and then and there, popped the question. "Will you marry me Annie?" Annie was surprised as she covered her mouth with her hands. Who wouldn't be surprised? And what's a better way to propose marriage to a fellow athlete other than do it at an awarding ceremony at the Olympics, right?

Well, Matt's older brother Andy was obviously also in on the plan as he had to sneak the ring in for him, since there was nowhere to hide it in Matt's swimming outfit. Their team mates and even the audience cheered them on as Annie gave her big "Yes!" as she hugged and kissed him tenderly. Matt threw his fist up to the air to let the audience know the wonderful news. The newly engaged couple happily walked off the stage as they were met by their coach with a big hug. Even the crowd was in awe as they witnessed the super sweet and unexpected proposal.

In Grever's interview for the Washington post he said "I've just been searching for a unique way to pop the question. My whole family is here and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity and a unique situation." Well, I can't argue with that. Not everybody is given the chance to be able to propose in front of hundreds of people on National TV after winning an Olympic gold medal. Matt surely hit the jackpot!

As unique as it may sound, Matt's proposal is only one of the top 5 marriage proposals in the history of Olympic far. It is the 2nd marriage proposal the London Olympics has seen this year alone, following the unexpected proposal by Torch bearer David State to his girlfriend Christine Langham, as it was witnessed by hundreds of people who came to see the torch travel around the U.K. at the opening of the Olympics 2012. This was probably inspired by a previous proposal by the torch bearer Ryan Clarke to his girlfriend Claire Jean during the winter games in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010. In the same year, skater Billy Demong also proposed to his girlfriend on stage on National TV. And of course, who could forget the 2008 Olympic engagement by pair skaters John Baldwin, Jr. and Rena Inoue soon after their performance for the Figure Skating Championships.

No matter how many sports event proposals there have been in the past, to witness a proposal like the one Matt Grever did for Annie Chandler still never fail to warm my heart and put a smile on my face. And I'm sure it did so too for all those who witnessed it. It just comes to show, that the Olympics does involve all forms of muscle activity... including the heart.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on August 4th, 2012.

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