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Meeting Men While Watching the Game

Meeting Men While Watching the Game If you have ever been to a basketball or baseball game, you will see strangers cheering together and even doing high fives with people they do not know. Cursing at the other team is also fun when there is someone to do a follow up insult to what you just said. Sometimes, when you cheer or shout to root for a player, someone who thinks the very same thing would look at you and smile with approval. Do you see what I'm getting at here?

Well, now that the Olympics, is here, and assuming you are interested in this sort of thing, there is an opportunity to meet people by simply watching the games. I'm not saying you have to go to London and go to every event. You can simply go to a bar where people gather to watch these things and mingle. Sometimes it becomes effortless to see who you are compatible with among the crowd, even if you just sat there and watched.

There is always that one person who would cheer with you simultaneously. He or she is the one who would go "Oh come on" when a player fails to deliver. Of course, there would be those glimpses, that constant look that you two would do to each other for many times while watching the game. You both notice the similarities between the two of you and soon it would be evident that there is a connection there. The question is who makes the first move?

If he is looking for someone, and you are his type, he would probably move in closer and start a conversation. A friendly conversation would not hurt you, so whether the guy is your type or not, enjoy this wholesome moment with a stranger who likes the same thing as you do, in terms of sports, that is. Who knows, there might be more to him than you think.

But of course, let us not forget the shy type who would admire you from afar. When it comes to this, you will have to make a move. There's no harm in trying. It's not like you would ask him to marry you or something like that, right?

In this case, you simply walk over to his side of the bar and order a drink from there. If the seat beside him is free, sit there. Then out of nowhere, blurt out a comment about what you both have been obviously cheering for. Do this with a smile and an innocent glance towards him. We don't want it to look planned, now do we? If he is interested, he would turn to face you and agree with you. When he does, you can now ask him "Are you a basketball fan?" Or whatever it is you are watching. Well I don't suggest that you lie, but if it applies, a "Me too!" would put you in the right place at this point. The rest would depend on how well you carry on with the conversation. If all goes well, he would probably offer to buy your next drink or better yet, he might just ask for your number.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on August 11th, 2012.

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