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Moving On Easily

Moving On Easily Many say its hard to get over a bad break up. When you've gotten so used to being with someone and doing almost everything together, everthing around you is a reminder of the love you've lost. Still just like everything else in our modern world, experts offer some easy quick fixes to your broken heart and will help you back on your feet and move on.


The first thing you have to do to move on is to let go of the love letters, photos and gifts from your ex. Throw them away or better yet, burn them. There is no point in keeping them. They would only bring back memories and tie you down. Unclutter your house and your mind of bad memories of your failed love.

Break stuff

In the process of uncluttering, breaking or throwing some of the breakables unto a brick wall or the pavement, can give you a chance to release anger and frustration, although we are not advising you to do so.

Tire Yourself

While waiting for your wounds to heal, avoid idle moments. Don't give yourself enough time to think of your ex and the past. Take on a hobby or get yourself extra dedicted to work. Come home so exhausted that as soon as you hit the sack you fall sleep.

Go on A Vacation

Getting far away from the cause of pain is a good way of moving on. Time heals all wounds. But if you see the person and the things that remind you of your past then it would take a long time to recover. So pack your bags and make arrangements for a long vacation away from it all. Pamper yourself and indulge yourself with the things that bring you comfort and joy.

Friend Support

Friends make life so much better. When you are down, having real friends around would definitely help. They are the ones who will stay angry at your ex and point out the bad traits and deeds of your ex. They will do everyhing to cheer you up and think less of your break up. Friends would also gladly set you up with a date that they think is beter than your ex.

Fool Around a bit

Getting on a new relationship would not be a good idea if you have not moved on from your previous relationship. A rebound relationship would just complicate things and someone will surely get hurt. Still it is a good idea to go out and date again. Have fun meeting other people. Flirt and tease.You are single and so you should mingle. Give love and life another chance. Who knows? You might just get lucky.

The who?

Make it a rule not to mention your ex's name. Do not talk to others about how it used to be. Just treat it like it never happemed. You can ask your friend to help you and not mention anything about the past. The less you talk about something the easier it is to forget.

All these are not guaranteed. It works for some and it does not with a few. Still all these will be a good start. Take control, because you can choose to move on and be happy.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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