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My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex

My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex When a relationship is over, both parties are allowed to move on and date other people. But still problems arise when you find out that your ex is now dating your best friend.

Awkward Encounters

From the day they finally announce that they are officially dating, you should prepare yourself. If you cherish your friendship with your best friend, you wont let a thing like this tear you apart. Still you will have to get used to the awkward encounters when you have to get together sometimes. The hand that you used to hold is now holding your best friend's hand. And the eyes that used to lock with yours suddenly avoids you, and tries to focus on the one he or she is with. It will definitely be very awkward at first, but it all depends on how you all handle things and how mature you all are about it. Eventually you can all just leave everything in the past and co-exist without any problems.

Tainted Friendship

Time heals all wounds. And if your friendship is strong enough, it would survive an issue like this. Still it won't be impossible to suspect that their relationship may have started even while you were still with your ex. Your trust for your friend can be broken and it isn't easy to get that back. It is best to be honest with your best friend about how you feel about the situation. Make time for a heart to heart talk to save your valuable friendship.

Best friends no more

Some people who have problems accepting the situation get angry and avoid their best friend. They no longer want to be friends. They feel betrayed and cheated on. But if you come to think of it, if their relationship bloomed long after you broke up then it isn't really a crime. Love is unpredictable and it can happen to anyone at any time or any place.

Possible Jealousy

Because of your past, it is likely that your best friend could get jealous of you. There will always be that fear that your ex may realize that you are the one he or she really loves. Your best friend can also be jealous of your past intimate moments with your ex. In this case assure your friend that it is over and you support their relationship all the way.

Let the Pain Remain

On the other hand, if you are still in love with your ex, expect to be hurt every time you see them together. Don't run away from this. Face your fear and your pains. This will make you accept the situation sooner. It will also make you stronger and wiser too.

Being mature about it

Lastly, romantic relationships may come and go but real friends are hard to find. Will you allow a man or woman come between your friendship? Be mature enough and accept this reality. And if your friendship is really strong, it will remain loyal and true even if you both fall in love with the same person.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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