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My Christmas Gift of Love

My Christmas Gift of Love We all know that Christmas is the season of sharing and caring. It is the season of they say. To children, Christmas means lots of gifts, parties and fun! But to adults, Christmas can be a cold and cruel season to spend loveless and all alone. For those who are lucky to spend this Yuletide season with a special someone, it is important to find the perfect Christmas gift to show just how much you love him or her.

Through the busy Christmas season, do not lose sight of what is most important. You may spend hundreds, thousands or much more for your special gift for your sweetheart, but did you know, that the best things you can give him or her need not be as costly as you think. Some of the best gifts you can give are even free!

Give something personalized

Expensive gifts are nice to receive. But for someone in love, a personal touch in a gift means so much more. Men have learned to be creative with their gifts, especially when funds are low. Some creative men write poetry and romantically read them to their girl. Some men sing to their girl or even compose a special song just for her. Some guys even attempt to cook a romantic dinner for their girlfriends. Some bake cookies or even bake a cake. When a boy makes these kinds unusual efforts for the girl he loves, it makes her feel special. It goes the same way for the girls...although girls are known to be sweet and it is common for them to cook or make things themselves for the boys. Still the girl's effort of personally making the gift makes it extra special.

Give time

Gifts wrapped in shinny paper and ribbons may be nice, but the best thing you can give your special someone is your time. Find ways to spend time with your sweetheart, whether it is doing your Christmas shopping or simply cooking Christmas dinner together. The options are limitless when it comes to the types of activities you can do together.

Give warmth

Christmas is the coldest season of the year. Many people give warmth giving gifts like sweaters and scarves. But the best source of warmth for anyone this Christmas is the big warm hug from the one they love. So don't forget to cuddle or simply embrace your sweetheart to assure him or her of your feelings.

Give smiles

Christmas is the season of joy...for children. But for adults, Christmas can be quite stressful, considering all the expenses, party planning and decorating involved. Many couples end up fighting due to the stress that the season brings. Don't forget to appreciate every effort that your sweetheart does for you and for others. A little compliment can go a long way too. Don't forget your sense of humour which will come in handy when your sweetheart needs a little cheering up. Give the gift of smile to your loved one, and remind him or her that everything always turns out fine and you are there to make sure it does.

Give love

The true essence of Christmas is selfless love. When you put something important to you aside just to make your sweetheart happy, then that is the best give you can give. That is the gift of love.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on December 2nd, 2012.

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