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Oh No he's A Mama's Boy!

Oh No He's A Mamas Boy Its very rare to meet a guy who would open a door for you or pull out a chair for you at dinner. He seems so prim and proper and so reapectful of women. Women easily fall for this gentle and caring man who seems to have good breeding. Then he starts to mention his mom a lot! And he also starts to talk a bout occassions and events in his life with his mom always in the picture. Then you realize that your date is a certified "Mama's Boy!" And that is bad news for you.

Just like Mama

Men like that are not just seeking out a girl friend. They are looking for someone who is just like his mother. He is looking for someone who will pamper him and care for him as good as his mama does. These boys have been over protected and spoiled by their mothers and they think that their women have to be the same way to them, otherwise you will never be good enough for him. You may think that you are getting a boyfriend, but actually he's just a grown up baby hoping to find a life partner who is just like mama.

Seeking her approval

To a mama's boy, his mother's approval is very important. All his life his decisions have been made for him by his mother. If you choose to keep a relationship with a mama's boy, then be ready to face decision making by way of constantly seeking his mama's approval. She would be nearby telling you how to run your life and relationship with her precious boy.

By her standards

Mama has also painted a picture of the ideal girl in his mind and you have to live up to that. You may constantly get criticism from her. She will also be giving you a lot of unsolicited advice. If she is not around, mama's boy will be surely reminding you of his mom's standards. No one likes being controlled and being told who you should be or how you should be like. The truth is, no one will ever be good enough for mama's boy.

Your competition

As the girlfriend of her precious boy, mama feels you are taking her place in his heart. She wpuld be jealous and constantly would be competing for his attention and love. Even if she is not around, he would unconsciouly compare the things you do to what his mama used to do for him. You may feel that you will have to turn into her to fully be accepted by your man.

Being second priority

Face it. To a mama's boy the most important woman in the world is his mother. When it gets to the point where he would have to choose betwee you or her, don't be so surprised to see him running home to mama. But of course, there are a few rare cases that mama's boys go against their mom's for the sake of love.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on April 28th, 2013.

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