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Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating Safety Tips Many people prefer to seek love online, and many too are lucky enough to find love through online dating sites. But we all know that there are many people who take advantage of people who are not aware of the dangers of seeking virtual love. Here are some useful safety tips for all online daters out there.

A Little Mysteria

When introducing yourself to someone online for the first time do not go giving your home address, telephone number or your bank account right away. It may sound ridiculous, but some people can talk you into revealing a bit too much of you than you should. Remember, you do not know this person yet so take it slow and don't reveal too much just yet.

Look out for Red Flags

No matter how eager you are to find love online, you still have to be smart enough to be cautious and skeptical. Look out for red flags as you get to know your potential lover. If a person avoids some of your questions, or asks weird inappropriate questions, you should not trust that person.

Meanie Alert

In your conversations, observe how he or she talks about other people. Rude and demeaning comments about others reflects the attitude of the person towards others. You will also see how the person handles rejection when he or she starts talking about an ex lover. When you sense bitterness and anger, it is likely that he or she has not gotten over the heartache.

Do a Little Research

You also have to look out for any inconsistency in information on the person's profile. It's not stalking to look someone up online. Especially if you are interested to date this person, you better make sure that the person has no skeletons in the closet right? Make sure the person is really single, sincere in seeking love and is a real person and not a program trying to sell you something.

Chat Safely

At the start, you should use the chat or messaging service that your online dating site provides. This way you don't have to give out your email to everyone you meet online. When you feel you are confident enough to give it to the person after you get to know him or her better then that is the time to do so.

Meet Outdoors

When it comes the time that you decide that it is time to meet for the first time take the necessary precautions. Never go to a residence or hotel room to meet someone. Always meet in a public place. It would be better If you can have a friend to accompany you too, just to be safe. Because some people may seem nice online but can be a total opposite in real life.

Look For Me

If you decide to go alone meet someone for the first time always inform someone of your date and ask them to go look for you if you go missing after a certain time. This may sound too paranoid but you can never be too careful with strangers you meet. There are many deceitful people out there.

A Well Charged Cell Phone

If and when you decide to go alone, keep you mobile phone fully charged and ready to call for help on case things don't go so well. Better safe than sorry right? It also gives you a chance to call a friend in case things are greater than you expected.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on October 4th, 2013.

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