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Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get It's been known that we always want the things that we can never have. Maybe that is the reason why people who play hard to get seem to be more popular and desirable than others. Men fantasize more about women who are out of their league, rather than the plain Janes who would easily say, "yes" when asked out on a date. Women go goggle eyes over men who ignore them or don't show any interest in them. Why is that?

People who are not easily wooed become a challenge to those around them. They need not be physically attractive to be desired. It's the mystery and the wonder of who ends up getting him or her that makes that person very much sought after. They become the prize that every single person of the opposite sex seems to be drawn to.

It's true that people most of the time want the things that they couldn't get. I remember the lines from the movie "Devil's advocate" saying, "Look but do not touch. Touch but do not taste. Taste but do not swallow." This means, as we get closer to the temptation, all the more we want to get it. The person playing hard to get becomes your forbidden fruit that you crave to take a bite out of.

Most people who play hard to get are usually interested but do not show their intentions completely. At one time they can be sweet and enticing, then would coldly turn you down when you make a move. They play a game of tease and they are in control. It's like waving candy in front of a child and they taking it away when the child is about to take it.

People who play hard to get share very little about themselves. This raises a great sense of mystery. This mystery arouses the imagination of the one who pursues him or her. They subconsciously appear in a fantasy world looking sexier than they actually are making them all the more desirable.

Some people use playing hard to get as a way of getting the attention of the person they really like. Especially if the person you like is the kind that everyone gives attention to, it would surely catch his or her attention if you wouldn't give a damn. For some reason, being snotty can also be sexy and seductive.

It sounds unfair to make people like and love you even if you have no intentions of getting serious with them. On the other hand, it is also risky to go playing hard to get with someone you intend to have a serious relationship with. You may keep him or her waiting and wanting you for so long that they give up and wander off with someone else. Do not play with the feelings of someone you cannot afford to lose.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on April 1st, 2013.

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