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Prove That You Love Me

Prove That You Love Me They say that long lasting relationships are built with trust, respect and love. But with the many cases of cheating and break ups all over the celebrity news, many lose faith in the possibility of having an honest and monogamous relationship. It can get stressful and frustrating for a lover to have to prove his or her loyalty all the time. You or your partner may be the doubtful or jealous type of person. There is a reason behind that. And understanding why the person is so can lead you to a solution on how to resolve the issue.

The Parent Models

Our first concept of a relationship between a man and a woman is based on what we have seen from our parents. People who easily trust usually come from happily married parents. On the other hand, people who have trust issues and need to be assured of your love all the time, are the ones who came from broken or dysfunctional families. If you find that your parent's marital problems has caused you to have trust issues then remind yourself that you and your partner are not your parents. You have your own mind and heart. Be smart and learn from your parents' mistakes to make your relationship stronger.

Past Pains

People who need to be assured all the time usually are the ones who have been lied to and hurt by someone they love. It may be a past lover or even the one they are with now. Their trust has been broken and it takes a while for them to accept that it will never happen again. Their pain may have been too great that they never want to feel it again. That is why unconsciously they accuse and assume that their partners are untrue. They feel that they need to be assured of their partner's love all the time. Well, in this case, only time can heal the pain of a broken heart. In the process, their partner has to make all efforts and sacrifices to prove their love.


Another reason for this is if the person is insecure. He or she feels that you deserve to be with someone better. They feel as if their partner is only with them until someone better comes along. In this case you should try to boost your partner's confidence. Compliment and support the things that make him or her happy. Give constant praises and smother this person with lots of hugs and kisses. One day he or she will realize that you truly do love him of her for whoever he or she is.

The Thinker, The Doer

Lastly, many people who point fingers and accuse are usually the ones guilty of something. Just as the saying goes "The thinker the doer" these people are afraid of being cheated on the way they do. So they somehow become paranoid that their partner may be cheating on them too. This is not always the case but it does make it suspicious on why you have to prove your love all the time. A healthy and loving relationship should start with both people feeling secured that their love and trust are safe in the hands of the person they love.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on July 1st, 2013.

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