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Signs a Guy Wants to Kiss You

Signs a Guy Wants to Kiss You When dating a guy, one of the most challenging aspects of your blossoming relationship will be trying to find out whether he wants to kiss you. If you get it right, you will know that your connection is heading in the right direction. Get it wrong, and you will make an awkward mistake that can give him the wrong impression. Trying to figure all of this out can often leave you in a tizz, making it even harder to find out whether making a move is the right thing to do. Rather than spinning yourself in circles, there are ways you can figure out what he really wants to do.

What is he doing with his mouth?

As one of the body's key erogenous zones, the mouth is often the best indicator when it comes to figuring out whether a guy wants to kiss you. Subliminally, he may touch his lips, or bite them. This is because he is finding ways to stimulate the area of his body involved in kissing. You may also notice that he goes a little bit quieter than usual; if he is doing this, it may be because he is hoping that you will pick up on what he wants, or he may be hoping that you will stay silent long enough to make a move. Other more obvious signs involving his mouth include chewing gum, offering you gum, and even applying chapstick.

Physical interaction

From the obvious arm around the shoulder, to the less obvious shuffle, there are some physical interactions that mean he wants to kiss you. If he begins touching your arm, or making movements that would allow him to lean in to you easily, he may be positioning himself for the perfect kiss. In the build-up to a kiss, he may also try to bridge the gap between you and him. If he was sitting too far away from you to reach in for a kiss, and begins to shuffle closer, it is another way for him to position himself for a smooth kiss. When standing, he may place his hand on the small of your back; this creates the perfect position for a kiss, which means you only have to reciprocate by moving your face closer to his.


While it is unusual for a man to drop hints directly involving the word 'kiss, ' he may pay you compliments that would present the perfect opportunity for you to lean in and kiss him. For example, if he is sitting next to you and compliments your perfume, before leaning towards you to smell it, he may be trying to find a way to bring his face closer to yours so that you can kiss. More obvious hints include complimenting you on your hair while touching it, or telling you how great your eyes look while cupping your face.

If you notice any of these signals, it is up to you to make the next move. Try not to overthink what that move should be, and just let the chemistry that is there guide you.

By Laura M. Posted on February 25th, 2013.

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