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The True Value Of A Lasting Relationship

The True Value Of A Lasting Relationship A lot of couples find it difficult to take their relationship to next level. Nowadays people find it convenient to have casual or open relationships that often lead to heart break. It is unfortunate to see couples who seem perfect for each other fall apart because they can no longer bear the pressures of a steady relationship. Making your relationship last can be a lot of hard work. One common mistake that people make is that we tend to live in an imaginary world where everything is picture perfect; and when one trial comes along, we give up convincing ourselves that he or she is not the right one for us; not because we don't love that person. Then we go out searching for that "perfect relationship" only having to pick ourselves up from one failed relationship to the next. No single relationship is perfect. The truth is relationships that last often entail more pain than happiness. This is what makes one, worth fighting for and this is the reason why there are only few people have lasting relationships. Giving up with just a few hurdles wouldn't take you closer to finding the right one; in fact it takes you several steps back. Acknowledging that there will always be pain and hurt means that you are setting yourself up for true love and happiness. These trials and hardships that come your way only make the few happy moments even more valuable; and the pain, null and void. This is what makes the solid foundation of any lasting relationship.

One other thing that is crucial for couples to have in order to weather out any storm is a solid friendship. Passion may come and go, but as long as you and your partner create a friendship that is strong, you will be able to face the challenges that come your way. The more you fight for your relationship, the greater is the importance you put to it. Love isn't about holding hands or kissing or any of those corny clichés, it's about accepting each flaw or mistake and getting through it together making the sweet moments even sweeter. The sooner both parties grasp this reality, the faster is the growth of your relationship. Having this in mind enables you to make rational and mature decisions; and not just jumping into anything brought about by your intense emotions. There will always be times when you just want to cuddle up and be close to each other, and there will be moments where just the seeing your partner is almost unbearable. When you feel that you are in a rollercoaster of emotions, take it as a hint that you might be on the right track, as this is what goes on in lasting relationships. All you need to do is to remember those simple yet happy moments that make it all worth it, and learn to adjust and accept that it takes two to make it work.

By Monica Gatchalian. Posted on August 6th 2012.

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