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Try Something New on Valentines Day

Try Something New on Valentines Day If you've been going on Valentine's dates year after year, you will get to the point when everything seems too predictable. The ladies will expect their bouquet of red roses and box of chocolates. The men need to get a reservation set for their romantic dinner. There is the classic serenade from a fiddler or a string quartet as you sip your champagne. This Hollywood inspired date makes any woman feel like Audrey Hepburn and the men like Gene Kelly during their first romantic Valentine date. But if they do the same thing over and over every year, it would begin to feel like a routine and soon the romantic aspect fades away. Boring is the last thing you would want for your Valentine's day date, right?

Techy Girls

The flowers and chocolates may be traditional and nice gifts, but in our modern age women and men tend to appreciate different things. Flowers wither and do not last. For this generation, people tend to give more practical gifts that can also mean, "I love you" and would last much longer or will be more useful. Both men and women of this age appreciate gadgets as gifts. A cool new cell phone or an android tablet may be the same price of an expensive bouquet. It would also be a wonderful surprise for your love if it is the kind that he or she has been hoping for.

Cut the Chocolates

People these days are more health conscious. Giving chocolates may not be a very good idea especially if your love is on a diet. Why not treat your health conscious date to a nice healthy dinner at a health club or spa. Include a relaxing massage, sauna and Jacuzzi to complete the experience. Of course, if your love is not too conscious about their health and would definitely love chocolates, go for dark chocolates. It's healthier and it contains more love inducing cocoa.

Go on an Adventure

Fancy restaurants may be fully booked during Valentine's Day so why not go out of town? Depending on your interests, there are a lot of new adventures you can do for a date. You may go to theme parks for some exciting roller coaster ride or a romantic tunnel of love ride. You may also go to adventure parks where exciting activities are offered like zip lines and wall climbing. If you both are on the wild side you can go for a safari trip, skydiving or some snorkeling in some exotic coral reef.

The best things are free

Lastly, if budget is a problem, you can always go nostalgic and have a picnic at the spot where you first met (if that is possible). Go to the seaside and spend the day watching the sunset. Take time off from work and spend some quality alone time in bed with the one you love. Go find some old family heirloom and give it to your sweetheart as a gift. For two people who are in love, the trivial things do not mean much. The only thing that makes their Valentine's Day special is to feel love and know that their sweetheart loves them. That's one thing anyone will never get tired of.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on February 12th, 2013.

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