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What A Girl Wants

What A Girl Wants They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and that is why men have been struggling for ages to figure out what their women really want. They wish they had the powers that Mel Gibson had in the movie "What Women Want" where he could hear women's thoughts and used what he heard to his advantage. But in reality, there is no sure fire way to determine what your woman is thinking. A girl may smile and say things are okay, but deep inside she may be waiting for you to say or do something. Have you ever been in a situation where your girlfriend suddenly gets mad at you and you have clue on what you did wrong? Or have you ever done something for her and she takes it the wrong way?

Well, men are easier to figure out in terms of what they want. They usually speak their mind or if not, their actions make their intentions quite obvious. But for women, it may be quite confusing for the average male. And of course there are also her points of interests to take in consideration.


In general, women like having fun. For instance, in a party, you see women flocking around the guy who is lively and making everybody laugh. To keep your woman happy, a good sense of humor is very very important. You should be the guy who makes her smile each day... for if not, someone just might do that for you.

Once and a while take her to places that she likes. Do with her the things the things that she enjoys most, even if it is going in circles in the grocery store or shopping for shoes for hours. The time you spend with her doing something that she knows you hate doing but still did anyway would be greatly appreciated.

It would also make her happy to see that you support the things that she enjoys. If your girl has a certain hobby, it would really count for you to buy her materials for her to use. May it be painting or jigsaw puzzles, the point is that you took time to notice her interests and made an effort to support her is actually quite sweet.


You may think that a date is the usual dinner by candle light or watching the game, but the women of today, get bored easily. I myself crave a sense of adventure and go to places I've never been before just to break the monotony. Set trips to a secret hide-away and eat exotic food. If she is the dare-devil type (like me), invite her to a zip-line ride or a safari adventure trip. I'm not saying you have to do this on a regular basis. It is quite expensive to go on these trips, but once and a while it would rejuvenate her to get away from it all, do something thrilling or simply relax with you by her side.


Women crave to be touched. How often you touch her shows her how much you want her. When in public, putting your hand around her or even just holding her hand while walking tells her that you are proud to be seen with her. When you stroke her hair, it makes her feel beautiful and adored because you took notice of her from out of the blue. As you sleep, cuddle her because this makes her feel safe and loved. Kiss her gently and often enough for her to realize you like kissing her because you love her and not because you want her to go to bed with you.


The most important of all is communication. Men often forget this because they often think that things are understood and need not to be said. But I tell you now, a little chit-chat with your girl would do wonders for you relationship. In this time and age, it is easier to get in touch with her. A thoughtful text or two a day would make her smile. Ask her if she has eaten her lunch or simply say take care, and she will know that you have her in mind. When you are together ask her about her job or whatever she was up to today. Share a few funny experiences that you had lately and see her face light up with joy.

Do not forget the honest compliments and avoid the unnecessary criticism that would spoil her mood. Of course you could still do that boyish teasing, as long as you make sure that you do not overdo it. Above all, never fail to tell that you love her. She will never get tired of hearing that.

Take note of these sure-fire tips and see just how happy your girl will be to see that the efforts you've done just to give her what she wants and make her happy.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on September 12th, 2012.

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