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Why Lovers Talk But Dont Really Communicate Anymore

Why Lovers Talk But Dont Really Communicate Anymore One of the biggest factors in the success of a long lasting relationship is good communication between lovers. The feeling of being understood by someone gives one a feeling of acceptance and belonging. To find someone who tells you his or her secrets makes you feel trusted and gives you a sense of importance to that person.

Many people fall in love with their partners because they feel they can tell this person anything and they can be who they truly are without any pretensions or inhibitions. Lovers should be able to speak to each other and share their thoughts as often as they can to keep their relationship alive. But sadly as time goes by lovers still talk to each other but don't really communicate anymore.

You've changed

Everything changes through time. No matter how well you know someone, there will come a time when you notice that he or she has changed and you don't seem to talk to each other the way you used to. This happens as you both mature and experience things that change your views and opinions about life.

Change is inevitable. We just have to accept that the courtship stage is over and even if you don't speak as sweetly as you used to, the most important thing is that you both still share to each other your feelings from day to day. The most important thing is that you never fail to tell your partner that you love him or her each day.

Nothing To Say

Most couples that have been together for a very long time find themselves eating silently together with nothing to say to each other. It is not because they are mad at each other. It is because they have been together for so long that there is nothing much to talk about anymore. Anything one says, the other has already heard before.

When this happens, the couple has to make an effort to spice up a conversation. Talk about a funny thing that happened at work. Or perhaps discuss something you saw in the news. If that doesn't work, maybe you both need a little get-away vacation where you can relax and start talking about your romantic younger years together.

I don't want to fight

One other reason for a person to stop talking about his or her feelings with a partner is to avoid an argument. To keep the peace in a relationship sometime we choose not to say how we feel anymore. Many couples end up fighting whenever they talk about their differences. The fighting gets tiring for them both that they stop talking about their feelings with each other.

This silence can be fatal for a relationship. Couples should be able to talk to each other about how they feel. What they need to change is the way you talk to your partner. Never confront your partner in anger. There is always a better way to say things. Speak with gentleness and love. Always remember that you are talking to fix any problem you have and not to make things worse.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on October 4th, 2013.

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