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Why Some Women Fall in Love With Gay Men

Why Some Women Fall in Love With Gay Men There was a time when the word 'gay man' meant drag queens and boys wanting to look like girls. But for this generation, it's another story. Whenever you see a handsome guy, with that tight shirt and sculpted abs, don't go thinking "Oh he must have a Barbie girlfriend to match." Because that walking and talking 'Ken' just might be a Barbie at heart too.

For girls with a keen eye, it is easy to spot a gay man with the way they speak, the way they move, the way they dress and the things they like doing. But for so many girls who easily fall in love with charismatic men, these clues of being gay seem undetectable. Why are they so lovable? Let's compare the average male to a gay man, shall we?

The Lifestyle

Gay men these days are the ones you find working out in the gym while the real men are out drinking with their buddies...thus the Pot-belly. This is not a general rule though, but I' m just saying, most gay men I know are more conscious about their health and of than the real men. While the men I know are more concerned about target shooting and tinkering with their cars, they gay man is at the spa exfoliating and moisturizing. While the real men are out late getting drunk with the boys, the gay man is having a wheatgrass smoothie by the pool. Let's face it, a healthy lifestyle and diet will make you look years younger and glowing with beauty (even for the boys). Although the healthy and vain lifestyle began with the gay man it is slowly catching on with the real men....probably because their women are more fascinated by the gay men than them.

The Smell

I think many would agree that gay men smell better. And, why not? Who knows the best skin products and beauty regimens than the gay man? Don't worry boys. Sometimes they even smell better than the girls too. Many women love smelling their men. And that is the first thing you may notice when meeting a gay man...his wonderful smell. When real men get comfortable with their girlfriends, they tend to relax and neglect their hygiene. They don't notice that sometimes they start smelling like grease or oil from their car. There are times they fail to shower or walk around all sweaty after a basketball game.

The Look

Gay men are very visual people. They are very good in criticizing fashion, hair styles and stuff like that. Being that way, they are very meticulous about how they look. They are very neat, with clean cut hair, trimmed nails, shaved or sculpted beard and moustache matched with a well ironed designer outfit. The real man has that rugged masculine look that is appealing too. But still, a rough bearded bad boy in faded jeans is no match to a clean cut ramp model like look of a gay man.

The Sensitive Type

Lastly, since gay men are actually women in men's bodies, they think like girls. They have the sensitivity that real men will never posses. There are things that real men will never understand about their women, that gay men would be able to relate to completely. No wonder most girls have a gay B.F.F. (That's best friends forever).

It may seem hopeless when a girl falls in love with a gay man, since the gay man would rather be with a man too; but there have been cases when gay men have married women and even had children. Of course, these are very rare cases though. But it just comes to show that it doesn't matter if you are man, woman, gay or lesbian, all that matters in choosing a life partner is who you fall in love with....and who chooses to love you back.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on November 12th, 2012.

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