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Why That Woman Is Trying To Steal Your Boyfriend

Why That Woman Is Trying To Steal Your Boyfriend Through the course of an average woman's love life, she will have been attracted to a man who is already taken. Despite this, the majority of women respect the fidelity of the man's existing relationship, and steer clear of luring them away from their wife. However, a small number of women will actively seek a relationship with that man, despite the fact that he is already dedicated to someone else.

"Mate poaching" is a phrase that describes the act of trying to steal someone else's partner. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, around 90% of women would actively try to poach a man if they believed that he was their dream mate, regardless of his relationship status.

Websites like actively encourage women to engage in sexual liaisons with men who are already married. Such websites feed the fetishes of those who get kicks out of extramarital liaisons and sleeping with other peoples' partners.

So, why do some women want to poach their sisters' mates? One argument states that the excitement of an affair lets them experience a life that is a little less ordinary. Another school of thought is that men who are having affairs tend to bestow their mistresses with gifts; what woman wouldn't like that?

The majority of women who mate poach do not need a man, but they still seek the comfort of a committed relationship. Here are three explanations for the behaviour of these women:

Low Self-Esteem

Women develop low self-esteem for many reasons. Some may have been in an abusive relationship, they may have attracted a string of serial cheaters, or they may have had a poor relationship with their father. These women often do not see themselves as being suitable 'wife material' and therefore seek a relationship role that could never reach that stage. They may also seek a man who is already committed, as doing so automatically places them in the position of someone who cannot get hurt.

Power and Control

Some women simply love to be in control, and entering into a relationship with a married man can act as the ultimate form of dominance. The idea of being able to take someone else's man affirms to women that they are prettier than their beau's partner, and it also gives them a sense of omnipotence due to being able to break something up.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction isn't something that is only a characteristic of the Russel Brands of this world. Women suffer from it too, and the more thrilling the sex, the better. Sleeping with a married man naturally makes sex quite thrilling, and it is a habit that they will find hard to break free from. It is often the case that sex addicts require therapy to say goodbye to their problem.

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