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He wants to Kiss Me?

Guys are hunters and go through various phases to lead up to a kiss. The following are guidelines to help you notice and be aware when he is going to make his move. So when you think "Will he kiss me?" you will have a better idea when to expect it or when to help him make his move.

1. Testing the Water

A man will test the water by moving into your personal space. This is done by doing things like; leaning in to smell your perfume, knocking knees or legs while sitting down, brushing elbows and touching the small of your back as you walk. More aggressive moves and the guy is trying to rush in too fast.

This is all to check if you are comfortable with him and leading up to the kiss, he will be testing increasingly closer to you. So be sure to indicate with your body language how you feel. Feel uncomfortable, then retract but do not over-react. Feel comfortable and good about it then go with it. Just remember guys do like a challenge and a prey that is easy to catch is not always kept.

2. Preparation

Guys will prepare themselves for an event such as kissing, out of habit guys may pop a cool mint after dinner, but if such action takes place as making sure their breath is good and lips are not dry while when leading up to a point they will say goodbye for the day/night, then you know he is in preperation for some smooching.

If he will be driving you home, preperation can occur as soon as he is in the car, as he will start thinking the moment though in advance.

3. Observing

Men will observe what they want, and focusing on your lips is a clear indication he is thinking of kissing you. This may seem as if he is looking into your eyes. Try pouting and if he is mesmerised by this, then it is a clear sign he wants to move in for a kiss.

4. Making his move

He wants to Kiss Me Guys will become quiet while they work up the courage to kiss you and to create a relaxed atmosphere. It is very hard to kiss someone while they are busy talking, so if he starts to become quiet, resist the urge to talk and give him a window of opportunity. During this time look at him with a sexy smile.

If he doesn't kiss you, do not get discouraged as he could be very nervous. This will be evident if he is fidgeting.

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