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Top 10 Crazy Things People do for Love

Top 10 Crazy Things People do for Love Even the smartest of people do some pretty crazy things when they are in love. I'm not talking about kidnapper or serial killer kind of crazy, but the usual "crazy things" that many people do for love that we actually often see around us. Check out the top ten crazy things people do for love and see how many you've done so far.


Of course you want to make your lover happy, but sometimes splurging on the material things thinking that this will show how much you love the person is down-right crazy. It's okay to do this if you are filthy rich, but if not, you may have a hard time living up to what you started and end up disappointing your lover instead of making him or her happy. I know the saying goes "No money, no honey" but you are smart enough to know that you should be loved for who you really are.


If you've seen the movie "RUNAWAY BRIDE" Julia Roberts kept running away from her grooms because her character always adapted to what her boyfriends liked, pretending to like the same things. In the process, she lost her sense of self and was afraid to commit. There are times we tend to conform too much to our lover's likes that we disregard the fact that we actually like something else. You don't have to like the same things all the time to prove you are in love.


And other social site accounts. It's okay to innocently view your partner's facebook profile. But it is crazy to meticulously scan each post and visit the profile of everyone who "Likes" and comments on his or her wall. If you truly love your partner, there should be an element of trust.

#7 CRYING LIKE A BABY after a bad break-up

I'm sure we've all had that really painful first break-up, and whether you admit it or not, there is that moment when you buried your head in your pillow and cried like a baby. Everything you saw reminded you of the love you've lost and you ended up in tears for days or even weeks. We all know the tears would not fix anything, in terms of your relationship, but a good cry can help relieve the pain of a broken heart....eventually.


A few texts or calls within the day are sweet, but some people tend to overdo this and may get to be very annoying. This obsessive behaviour usually happens in new relationships. Hopefully, when you both get more confident about your feelings for each other, there will be more trust and assurance even if you are not together at certain times of the day.

#5 GETTING A PERMANENT TATTOO of your partners face

It may seem like a good idea to have your lover's face as a tattoo, but think again... What if you don't end up together? You and your future love will forever be haunted by the image of you ex permanently printed on your skin. Ugh!


Some people are willing to leave everything behind just to be near the person they love. Who cares if you are quitting your high paying job? So what if it means the end of your career? It doesn't matter if you are not used to the cold and damp weather where you are migrating to, as long as you're with your loved one, right? Well, let's see how that works out for you in a couple of years.


Have you ever followed your partner without his or her knowledge? If your answer is yes, then you've done crazy thing number three! The green-eyed monster can really make us do silly things, like putting on a disguise and hiding behind bushes just to see if your partner is up to no good. Jealousy is part of being in love, but let's not gets carried away, okay?


On the other hand, there are times your lover gets jealous of your close friends and you are asked to choose. Being blindly in love, you obviously choose your lover over your friends hoping they will understand your situation. You stop joining your regular get together, you don't reply to emails or texts, just to please your partner. But the truth of the matter is... lovers come and go but true friends are forever. When things don't work out with your partner, friends will be there for you even if you let them down.

#1 GETTING MARRIED to a Stranger

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, some people do, and the feelings tend to be so strong that these people get married within a few days after their first meeting. Of course, getting married to someone you do not fully know has its consequences. In time you will see the real person you married, all his or her good and bad traits will not remain hidden forever. I just hope you love that person enough to live up to whatever bad traits you will find. Trust me, nobody is perfect, so there will be bad traits for sure, but it is best to just focus on the good traits and try to remember why you married him or her in the first place.

I guess the people who've done some of these in my list can relate to the Britney Spears Song "You Drive Me Crazy" but don't be so hard on yourself if you're guilty of any of these "Crazy" acts. Love is a very strong force that can take over our senses completely. But remember, the brain is placed above the heart, so it should still be in control no matter how strong your emotions are. Love and reason should always be in harmony.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on September 5th, 2012.

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