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Bringing Virtual Love into Reality

Virtual Love Online gaming has been very popular around the world in these modern days. Among all the game options that we have, role playing games dramatically have the biggest hits. These games enable the player to play the role of a virtual character. There are chances wherein they get to meet and play with other online players. The circle of virtual friends inside the game can happen in real life too. However, can we fall in love through these gaming cycles?

Falling in love is unpredictable. It is incorporated with strong emotions that no one can ever explain in words. As all people would want to believe; love is magic. True love is unconditional and it is always kind. It always forgives and it is never selfish. It conquers all means if two people are really meant to be.

Believe it or not, it is possible to start loving someone inside a role playing game. Like in real life, most online players start with friendship. As they go a long way inside the game, they get to know each other very well. Inside the game, we can say what we want and what is really inside us. There are no reasons to be shy because you don't get to talk to other players face to face. Inside the game, a player can be true. The strong emotions and excitement will finally give them the urge to see each other in reality. Will this give way to a kiss?

Time will come that both players will finally get bored playing their virtual roles. This is because they want to experience more than what they can inside the game. The love cycle will then go into different stages:

In love, it doesn't matter how two people started. Indeed, it is magic. It may capture your being in any ways that you might not even imagine. Virtual or not, love will always be real.

By Grayserr Geronimo. Posted on June 19th 2012.


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