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6 Telltale Signs that He's Falling in Love with You

Sharing a Drink As cliché as it may sound, actions do speak louder than words. So aside from knowing how to read your potential man's facial expressions, there are also other signs to help you know if he's into the relationship as much as you.

Sometimes, putting meaning into actions can be a bit tricky, and we girls are guilty of overdoing this, especially at that honeymoon phase of dating. You probably don't trust yourself enough to put any kind of meaning into his actions because of past relationships. So when you finally see the signs that scream, "Yes, I am falling in love with you," you pull back and say, "Nah, he didn't mean anything by that."

Ladies, let these telltale signs assuage your doubts once and for all. If your guy behaves in all the following ways consistently, then, yes, he is falling for you.

He zeroes in on you... only you.

He maintains strong eye contact and doesn't let go until you do. When you talk, he looks at your eyes, letting you know that he is focused on you and what you're saying. And as cheesy as it may sound, this eye contact has the ability to make you feel like you're the only girl in the room.

He's into details about you.

When a guy likes you, he makes the effort to know you and so tries to surprise you with little details. He easily remembers what you said in your past conversations, given that he's not half-asleep or drunk when you had them. He remembers the details that count, like your favorite flower or that you don't like flowers at all.

He makes it known to everyone that you're together... but most especially to you.

A guy who wants you makes sure that you know it. He doesn't need a reason to hold your hand, although he does it a lot when in front of friends and even family. He also does not hesitate to hug and kiss you not just in the bedroom but also outside, say while walking in the park. And it takes him forever to say a goodbye: He needs to kiss you, wrap his arms around you, whisper "I love you," kiss you again, and repeat the cycle a few more times before he walks out the door.

He likes to do things for you without you asking.

The quality of time you spend together is a great measure of how committed he is to you. If he offers to cook you meals, something that takes a lot of time and energy, you bet he's into you. It's not just about cooking too. A guy who offers to be flexible with his schedule just so he could meet you for lunch during a workday shows that he gives your budding relationship importance.

He's not afraid to look vulnerable.

Most guys are afraid to show their vulnerability while dating, but a guy who's not hesitant to tell you about how he fell into a pool while wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume when he was 15 and other embarrassing childhood stories shows he trusts you. So the least you could do is reciprocate. When he does this, open up as well!

His friends are in on it.

His long-time friends know him more than you do, at least in this stage in your relationship. So when they say that you have to "take care of him" and "not hurt him," they're letting you know that their buddy has fallen hard for you.

Hopefully, these general "guidelines" can help you decipher your guy. Although, not all men behave the same way, it is best not to forget that getting to know each other and engaging in meaningful conversations can take your dating to the next level.

By Glori Surban. Posted on June 21st 2012.


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