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How To Make Your Man Fall For You Again

Falling In Love Many women fall into the trap of becoming the "Jealous Girlfriend" after some time in a relationship. You may not realize it, but it might not be cute anymore when you text or call him every 30-minutes (or even every hour) just to check on him. Many may say, "He's changed. He does not love me anymore!" Well girl, look at the bigger picture. He might have changed because you did it first.

Well, I have some sure fire tips that you can use to make him fall in love with you all over again. Of course this will take a lot of adjustments and changes on your part, but I promise you, it will be worth it!

First things first...Shut up! Ha ha. I'm not mad at you. It just means, you have to stop talking and start learning a very important scientific approach to making your man fall in love with you again.

Observation is the key. You have to master the laws of sensitivity.

Don't go rolling your eyes. Yes...there are laws of such. In psychology, there are three kinds of sensitivity. This law pertains to the three of the five basic senses, namely seeing, hearing and feeling.

The Guy Who Likes to Look

The first of which is what we call the "VISUAL" man. He is the guy who is very observant about how things look. He likes colorful or stylish clothes. He is keen about grooming. He likes going to the movies. He watches TV a lot. He doesn't like clutter and yes...this is the kind of guy that loves to look at beautiful women. What to do if you realize that your guy is "VISUAL?"

  1. DOLL UP! You have to make a major effort in making yourself look good. Make sure that you are always at your best (physically) every time he lays his eyes on you.

  2. LOOK HIM EYE TO EYE. Visual men like it when you look at them eye to eye. They like seeing how your face changes to everything he says. He also enjoys the fact that he is being looked at and admired. So always look him in the eye.

  3. MATCH HIS STYLE. Observe the kind of women he compliments as beautiful. I assure you, visual men wouldn't be able to hold back their tongue about comments on what they perceive as pretty about a woman, so I suggest that you take notes and then go shopping. I know you have your own fashion sense you would want to keep, but if you really love this guys, it wouldn't hurt to try. I'm sure you will enjoy the attention you will be getting if you do this step.

  4. SHOW SOME SKIN. Well, he is your man after all. If he was to perceive anyone as sexy, it should be you. Avoid bulky, unflattering clothes around a visual guy. That would send him dreaming off about the girl in shorts sitting at the other table. If you have it, flaunt it. This guy loves to look so give him something to look at. Makes sense right?

  5. WHAT'S HIS COLOR? Visual men have a specific color preference. Find out his favorite color and infuse that to your wardrobe often. This would make him subliminally imagine you more when you are not around. Don't overdo it though, so he won't suspect you are using this method. By giving him gifts and making things around him at home in his color would make him want to be home most of the time.

The Sensitive Man

If your man is not visual, he just might be the strong sensitive type or what we call the "FEELING MAN" These are the moody kind of guys. He is the one who gives you flowers on your birthday. He is also the one who storms out of the room or throws things to break them just to let off some steam. He is the one who will text you just to check if you've taken your vitamins. And his best quality is he is the one who loves to touch. Now how do you keep this man? Follow these simple rules.

  1. TOUCH HIM. It's a basic rule for making your FEELING GUY love you is to touch him every time you converse. It may be a simple stroke on the hand, a hug, a brush of his hair, a pat on the cheek. He even enjoys some light pinching or slapping so do try that. He also likes being tickled and of course, being kissed. A regular sensual massage would also be heaven to him.

  2. HELP HIM DRESS UP. Feeling men like being babied by their ladies. They enjoy the closeness when you button up his shirt or fix his tie.

  3. LET HIM TOUCH YOU. Well, this goes without saying. If you make him feel good, he will reciprocate. It doesn't have to be in a sexual way all the time, but follow steps 1 and 2, and you will see what I mean.

  4. COOK or SERVE HIM HIS FAVORITE FOOD. Part of being a feeling man is having a great enjoyment of food. Eat with him and make sure that you serve him only the kind of food that he likes. These guys subconsciously associate the delicious with love and sex. So if he eats deliciously with you, he will perceive you as delicious as well.

  5. COMFORT IS THE KEY. Since this guy's weakness is his skin, make sure that he is comfortable whenever he is with you. Take him to places with comfortable seats. Observe the kind of texture he likes best for his pillows and sheet. Always clear and clean his favorite spot in the house where he likes to read or relax.

The Listener

The last but not the least is the "HEARING MAN" This is the guys who is easiest to talk to. He understands what you say most of the time and sometimes even hears the things that he should not be hearing.

Hearing men love music and most likely plays music too. He likes quiet places and even enjoys a little gossip. How do you entice a hearing man? Easy...

  1. MODULATE YOUR VOICE. The very first thing that probably attracted this guy to you was the sound of your voice or something you said that caught his attention. Always talk to him in a pleasant voice and never ever shout.

  2. COMPLIMENT HIM. Of the three, the hearing man loves compliments the most. He is the guy who would ask your opinion on almost everything he has done. Remember he is not really asking for your opinion, he is just seeking approval or sometimes just fishing for compliments.

  3. SING TOGETHER. These guys would sometimes sing or hum to a tune on the radio. Try humming or singing with him during these times and see how he would turn to you and smile...then probably sing out much louder. It makes him feel more compatible to you.

  4. TELL HIM STORIES. The hearing man loves to communicate. So whenever a quiet moment passes when you are with him, tell him a funny or interesting story. They enjoy gossip the most.

  5. LAUGH A LOT. There is nothing more comforting than the sound of laughter to a hearing man. So laugh at his jokes. Watch TV with him and laugh at the funny stuff with him.

  6. ALWAYS SPEAK YOUR MIND. A hearing guy appreciates honesty the most. Tell him your likes and dislikes and he would also be willing to change for you.

Follow these tips and I assure you to see a change for the better in your relationship. We cannot change our man, but we can change ourselves, right? So take the steps necessary to make your man fall in love with you all over again. What have you got to lose? You will be amazed of the changes you will see.

By Sheila Noreen Lopez - Gamo. Posted on June 20th 2012.


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